Botox Could Help Dental Issues

However, Botox has a wide range of benefits that extend past looking and feeling good - it can even help with dental pain. Botox can be injected in the mouth and jaw areas, and when paired with professional dental care, the symptoms of certain dental problems can be reduced. 


Botox relaxes muscles, so when it comes to TMJ and bruxism, or teeth grinding, Botox can prove to be extremely useful. When using Botox to help treat TMJ, you do not need nearly the supply you would need when aiming to smooth wrinkles. However, it will depend on the severity of your jaw pain. Always consult with your dentist before getting Botox to reduce dental pain. 


Botox - which we offer at family medicine in Miami office, PMN Health and Wellness - can improve the appearance and even the function of the mouth, particularly the lips. It offers a non-surgical way to do so. Combined with dermal fillers, those with issues eating, speaking, and those who are uncomfortable smiling may see an added benefit. When it comes to high lip lines, Botox can provide a lower-cost alternative to surgery.


New dentures? Sometimes dentures can cause a great amount of discomfort. They cause a lot of change at once, and that can can lead to pain. With Botox, the muscles can be relaxed and help you feel less pain as your mouth adjusts to your new smile. 


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