Can Hormone Therapy Provide an Immune System Boost?

Your immune response strength inevitably worsens as you age. This is why older people tend to have more illnesses than younger people and are at higher risk of dying from these illnesses.

Well before your final menstrual cycle, estrogen levels will begin to decrease. It is because, slowly, the ovaries are less sensitive, and finally they fail. Your estrogen levels drop drastically after menopause. These stay around 90 percent lower than in the pre-menopause stage. Low levels of estrogen tend to be related to a poor immune system.

With that in mind, you may be wondering if hormone replacement therapy can help with the immune response and some studies suggest it may. A Journal of Reproductive Immunology study conducted in 2004 showed that estrogen replacement contributed positively towards female immune response. A separate study in Climacteric in 2016 also appears to indicate positive findings with hormone therapy and women undergoing menopause.

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