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Celebrity Uses Botox to Deal With Headaches

One of its additional positive effects is potentially helping with headaches, and that’s being reinforced by a major celebrity.

You may be familiar with Chrissy Teigen. The multitalented model married to singer, songwriter, producer and actor John Legend is a social media and television fixture and she is currently pregnant with her child. According to a CNN article, she has also discussed her decision to use Botox to take care of her “really really bad” headaches she’s experiencing as a result of her pregnancy.

Botox causes a weakening or paralysis of certain muscles or blocking particular nerves. Doctors administer Botox to remove facial wrinkles and treat health issues such as excessive sweating, unmanageable blinking, persistent migraines, hyperactive bladders and neurological conditions that trigger muscle contractions and neck and shoulder discomfort.

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