Cosmetic Treatments for Every Age

We’ll begin with your twenties. This is when lines in the forehead or crow’s feet may begin to develop. If it’s something you’re noticing, you may wish to look into common cosmetic treatments like Botox to help prevent the lines from developing or possibly becoming more pronounced as you age.

During the thirties, it’s not uncommon to experience volume loss, particularly in the cheekbones. This may result in a sagging look where the eyes appear hollow. To address this, you could look into the effects of dermal fillers.

By the forties and fifties, collagen production has diminished and the skin elastin may not be what it used to be. There are also chances that volume loss has become more pronounced. Dermal fillers may again rise to the occasion and help improve the skin.

No matter your age, always consult with a doctor such as a dermatologist.

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