Could PRP Get Rid of Acne Scars?

This common skin condition may lead to the person becoming self-conscious and it may also have additional effects, such as causing a person to have a negative image of their body. To make matters worse, acne can leave behind unpleasant scars in adulthood, also affecting a person’s appearance. Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy may soon become the solution to living a life free of these acne scars.

The application of PRP to procedures like micro-needling and dermabrasion showed "significantly" better results with acne scars, according to recent research highlighted in one study published in Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. Work may still be in its preliminary stages, but it appears promising and serves as a reminder of PRP therapy's growing benefits.

PRP therapy has other possible cosmetic perks along with assisting with recovery, including treating hair loss in both men and women. Individuals with the degenerative joint condition known as osteoarthritis and conditions arising from chronic tension are other problems that may be effectively treated with PRP therapy. Since the procedure uses the blood of the patient, there is practically no risk of rejection.

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