Getting Back in the Beauty Routines

In a world where it was normal for people to have weekly visits to hair and nail salons, aestheticians, and other places for beauty care, many now favor at-home and DIY routines. 


People are excited to get back to a sense of normality but also anxious to return to their normal, pre-COVID, beauty routines. They feel there might be a certain level of expectation placed on them to fully return to what they once considered a normal life. 


Many have decided that weekly, even monthly maintenance, is too much to return to after months of minimal care. However, what is considered the new normal for beauty care is different for each person. 


If you have also felt anxiety about the future of your beauty routine, know that getting back to it doesn’t have to look the same as it did over a year ago. Our world has changed, so it makes sense that your beauty routine would too. Instead of participating in certain procedures based on a feeling of “have-to”, evaluate which ones bring you a personal sense of satisfaction.


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