Here’s What You Need to Become an Esthetician

Florida is ranked in the top five states for employment for estheticians, and with a thriving beauty scene in Miami, it makes a great place to find your dream career. In fact, Florida currently has well over 2,000 licensed skin care specialists across the state!


To become an esthetician in Florida, you must become certified through the Florida DBPR. This includes training programs and licensing. The Florida Board of Cosmetology requires 260 hours of training, but many schools offer more courses to extend knowledge. Some of the are covered are:



Some schools even offer courses on business skills and career planning. 


On top of initial licensing, estheticians in Florida must renew their facial specialist license before October 31 of every other year. The Florida Board of Cosmetology requires 16 hours of continuing education in between the renewal period. This helps estheticians stay on top of trends, the latest products while expanding their knowledge as new information becomes available. 


At PMN Health and Wellness, we are so grateful for our team of estheticians! They truly help make it one of the best places in Miami. 


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