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Is Hormone Therapy the Solution to Miscarriages?

One research involved providing a dose of progesterone to women with a history of miscarriage also dealing with early pregnancy bleeding. During the early stages of pregnancy, this hormone is naturally secreted by the ovaries and placenta and plays a crucial role in ensuring the health of the pregnancy.

In one of the clinical trials using progesterone, more than 800 women with repeated miscarriages reported a live birth rate higher than two percent. Nevertheless, statistical uncertainty was also significant. Another study assessed over 4,000 women and found more than four percent in the number of babies born to the mothers that received progesterone.

Like with many studies, much research remains to be done on whether hormone therapy will eventually prove itself effective in preventing a miscarriage, although the results show positive prospects. Meanwhile, you can enjoy its existing benefits such as reducing hot flashes and night sweats, preventing vaginal dryness, and enhancing sleep. For more information please contact us today.

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