Protect Your Skin with Sunscreen Properly

Sunscreen with an SPF of 30 is generally considered the minimum to protect the skin. However, there may be those under the impression that even if they use a sunscreen product with the highest SPF available, it will suffice. Most sunscreen products will last for about two hours though this could be less based on a person’s skin tone. Sweating, swimming, all of these can reduce effectiveness. Hence, it is important to reapply sunscreen if you’ll be spending an extended time outdoors.

Especially here in South Florida, cloudy days are common. Even if the sun isn’t illuminating your skin, the rays can still cause damage as they penetrate clouds, glass, and even clothing in some cases. Even if it seems like the sun is taking a break due to the clouds, put some sunscreen on.

Speaking of sunscreen, keep in mind that something like SPF 30 means the skin’s natural protection against the sun will be enhanced about thirty times. However, this may vary based on your skin tone. Do your homework to ensure that 30 works for you or you need something stronger.

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