Rejuvenate the Skin Safely With PRP

The platelets have growth factors within them, which are proteins that stimulate the skin's various biochemical processes.

Specifically, PRP is a perfect way to promote the development of collagen and boost skin microcirculation. To collect the plasma that is then either injected or microneedled into the tissue, the blood of a patient is usually drawn and then extracted. PRP can also boost the growth of hair on the scalp and is used to enhance the dark circles around the eyes. Since a topical anesthetic is used, the operation is pain-free.

With relatively little downtime, PRP increases the skin's consistency and is exceptionally safe. Your doctor uses your plasma such that no infectious substance is involved and there is practically no chance of allergic reactions. Since the effect is different, PRP does not substitute fillers or Botox. To replace volume loss, fillers are used and Botox erases lines and wrinkles. PRP serves as something of a complement to these procedures.

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