September Special: IV Nutritional Therapy

IV nutritional therapy can do a lot for you - like help with recovery and performance, re-energize your body, and help fight off illness. Our treatments are customized to help bring you instant results. 

Infusion therapy administers medication through a single needle or catheter into the vein. It can be used as a method for hydration and to administer vitamin cocktails to rebalance your body. Traditional prescription drug therapies most commonly associated with infusion therapy are antibiotic, antiviral, antifungal, chemotherapy, pain management, and parenteral nutrition. “Specialty infusions” may be provided to treat chronic conditions. 


During the procedure, Dr. Martinez-Noda will determine the type of fluid you need while determining the amount and rate the fluid will be delivered. After that, a family medicine Miami nurse will disinfect your skin at the injection site (typically on the arm crease). They will then locate the vein and carefully place the IV into it. You may feel a pinching sensation, but there should be no pain. Adjustments can be made to the IV as the procedure progresses, and you will have expert care and attention throughout! Dr. Martinez-Noda will go over recovery time, if any, and any follow-up care. 


PMN Health and Wellness is able to offer you safe and effective IV nutritional therapy during your visit. If you are interested in IV nutritional therapy or platelet rich therapy in Miami, give us a call ( 786.701.5750)!


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