The Most Popular Cosmetic Treatments of the Last Year

Semi-invasive cosmetic procedures, also known as minimally invasive cosmetic procedures, are any cosmetic treatments that break the skin. Implants and facelifts would be considered invasive, while Botox and lip injections would be classified as minimally invasive. 


However, some procedures are more popular than others. In fact, there have been a notable few over the last year that have been deemed the most popular procedures, per the American Society of Plastic Surgeons' 2020 Plastic Surgery Statistics Report. 


Laser skin-resurfacing treatments were named number three. Using ProFractional resurfacing laser helps reform skin collagen and minimize scarring. Scars are sometimes treated one-on-one before a full treatment. The procedure typically lasts an hour with up to five additional appointments over twelve months for the full effect. 

The second most popular procedure was soft tissue fillers. Fillers use hyaluronic acid, adding volume to areas shifting downward due to aging. Eyes, cheeks, and lips are the most common areas to get fillers but can also be administered in the chin, around the jawline, or even the nose. 


Of course, Botox came in the number one spot. The most common areas to receive Botox were the forehead, glabella (the space between the eyebrows), neck, jaw, the mouth area where laugh lines form, and around the eyes where crow feet form. 


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