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The Tie Between Menopause and Depression

What’s worse, according to a recent study published in Menopause involving more than 13,000 women between the ages of 45 to 64, this early menopause significantly increases the risk of depression.

The key hypothesis behind the increased risk for depression may have to do with estrogen levels, according to a specialist in menopause and reproductive mental health. Women that are exposed to estrogen at an earlier time and later menopause have a reduced risk of developing depression as they get older.

Socio-factors may also play a role. The study also found that women with early menopause had a greater likelihood of experiencing depression if they had low education, low income, did not have children, lived by themselves, and had minimal support in society.

For hormone replacement therapy, studies may help health professionals classify women at risk of depression. Ideally, women should initiate hormone replacement therapy about four to six months after ceasing to have their period.

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