Understanding the Different Types of Wrinkles

Simply because a clinic or spa provides Botox injections, it doesn't mean all of the facial wrinkles are treated the same way. There are two distinct types of facial wrinkles: static and dynamic. Both of these may require separate treatments.

Dynamic wrinkles, such as those caused by smiling, laughing, or squinting, are a result of muscle movement. Well-known dynamic wrinkles include crow's feet near the eyes and forehead lines. Botox uses various types of botulinum to relax muscle movement temporarily and is a popular choice for complex wrinkles. It can smooth the wrinkles out and create a more youthful look.

Static wrinkles are a result of a lack of skin elasticity and collagen or damage from the sun or smoking. Your skin is becoming thinner and drier and your face's appearance shifts with age as volume is reduced. For static wrinkles, some providers may choose Botox, but fillers may have a greater effect. Fillers cause skin lifting, lines, and wrinkle smoothing, they renew loss of volume and give you a rejuvenated look.

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