What Can I Expect from My Platelet Rich Therapy Treatment?

Man holding Plasma for PRP Therapy Treatment

Depending on the degree of the injury, Platelet rich plasma (PRP) therapy can completely eliminate the necessity for invasive operations. PRP therapy is an alternative to surgery since we use the patient's own blood to repair and restore damaged soft tissues. PRP therapy is currently being utilized all over the world to help with shoulder and knee problems, as well as hair restoration in some situations. PRP therapy has gained traction and appeal, particularly in the sports world, after a number of high-profile athletes, including Dwayne Wade and Stephen Curry, to help heal and recover from injuries.


When it comes to your treatment, Dr. Martinez-Noda first takes a blood sample to activate platelets.He then screens your blood and increases platelet counts by centrifuging your blood to separate platelets from other cells. The procedure's solution is made up of platelets and blood plasma. 


PRP can be injected into the body in many ways. Dr. Martinez-Noda may suggest:



Dr. Martinez-Noda will discuss with you to select the best PRP therapy for your needs. You may need more than one appointment.


The procedure itself is quick, and patients rarely feel pain or side effects. You can resume normal activities the same day.


Book online or call 786.701.5750 to schedule a PRP therapy consultation with Dr. Martinez-Noda.


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