Why You Shouldn’t Try Microneedling at Home

While this is an excellent option for facemasks and manicures, some procedures should only be done by the experts - microneedling being one of them. 


Microneedingling, sometimes referred to as dermarolling, has gained popularity fast over the years to rejuvenate the skin and provide visible results against acne, stretch marks, scarring, and wrinkles. It works by making tiny incisions in the outer layer of the skin, creating microscopic pores that allow the medicine to enter. It also stimulates collagen production by prompting your body to start the healing process following the tiny incisions by increasing blood flow. 


You should leave microneedling up to the same experts who do platelet rich plasma therapy in Miami because you could potentially hurt yourself and damage your skin. At home, needles are not meant to have the same effect as professional ones, and due to their smaller size, will not penetrate the skin deep enough to trigger the reaction necessary. With an at-home kit, you will likely not see any results other than scarring and possibly infection. 


When you go to a professional, such as family medicine Miami, your skin will be in safe hands for any facial treatment, and you are sure to see beautiful results. Procedure time is short, coming in at a usual maximum of 30 minutes, but expect even shorter times if the treated area is smaller. There is no recovery time needed, though your skin will be sensitive for a few days. 


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