You’ve Got Botox Questions, We Have Answers

Let’s examine a few common questions and we’ll provide some simple answers to help you get started.

How long will Botox effects stick around? The effects of Botox will start to become noticeable mere days after having the procedure performed. Patients will begin to see the full effects in about or so and most patients can expect them to last for about four months.

Is Botox a migraine solution? While not exactly a migraine solution, some patients say Botox provides some migraine relief. However, if you’re specifically looking to Botox for its potential in relieving this disorder, you’ll need to consult with a specialist such as a neurologist.

Does Botox automatically cause a “frozen” look? No. The looks you often see on reality shows do not necessarily reflect the effects of Botox. A licensed professional with years of experience in cosmetic procedures will collaborate closely with you to create a look where the skin appears plump yet natural, avoiding the often seen effect on television where a person’s face doesn’t change regardless of their expression.

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