Botox May Provide Migraine Relief

Chronic migraine is a disorder distinct from other types of migraines, such as episodic migraine. Chronic migraine is more common, and the pain is greater in severity.

There are various over the counter solutions available and there are steps you can take to minimize the chances of experiencing a migraine. For example, exercise will increase blood flow and relieves stress, potentially reducing the strength of the migraine. You may also wish to consider meditation or yoga as another potential solution.

If over the counter solutions and relaxation doesn’t work, Botox injections may be another option to explore. Botox is the first chronic migraine preventive therapy approved by the FDA. Over a period of months, a specialist will administer the Botox injections. As a diluted toxin, Botox blocks the nerve-to-muscle signal in multiple locations to prevent or reduce the chances of migraine pain. The forehead, temples, and the neck are a few examples of places where these injections may be administered. Injections can reduce days of headaches by more than 70 percent.

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