Experiencing Hot Flashes

Hot flashes are caused by an enlarged yet transient hormonal reaction in the thermoregulator, the hypothalamus, which causes the blood vessels in the skin to dilate, resulting in a surge of blood to the skin's surface. 

As a result, this causes sweating, a flushed feeling, and potentially unpleasant feelings of warmth. Hot flashes, however, are not common among all women.

Since the effects of menopause are not universal, hot flashes will feel different among women. A hot flash is usually typified by an oncoming heat felt in parts of the body like the stomach, neck, and face, according to women that have experienced its symptoms. Perspiration, flushing, and heart palpitations can occur in some women.

Hormone treatment can be an alternative in some situations where hot flashes are too regular or inconvenient. Hormone therapy can potentially help with treating hot flashes and reducing the amount of time they stick around. They are caused by spikes in estrogen levels and the brain's internal response when attempting to “communicate” with the ovaries so that they produce more estrogen.

Treatment options may be available to help with hot flashes and other symptoms that happen as a result of menopause, like vaginal dryness for example. Hormone replacement therapy is one of the services we provide and it may be the solution needed to tackle the hot flashes or simply feel better as women go through menopause and get older. We also offer family medicine Miami services and the increasingly popular platelet rich plasma therapy Miami services.


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