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Click the articles below to learn about the latest developments in restorative science and healthy living.

Click the articles below to learn about the latest developments in restorative science and healthy living.

three women walking hand in hand in a park

Hormone Therapy May Help With Loss of Muscle

A form of muscle loss, sarcopenia usually affects older individuals and it increases the chances of falls, fractures, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease. It often affects women during the postmenopausal stage yet evidence does not exist suggesting a developmental correlation with a decrease in estrogen. A series of smaller studies have been performed to determine the …

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Hot Flashes May Be More Than Just Night Sweats

According to research published in Menopause, hot flashes among a small group of postmenopausal women were correlated with poorer verbal and logical memory test results. The participants were assessed using several different tests involving tasks such as word recognition, questionnaires, and more. Though research could still be considered preliminary, it does suggest that hot flashes …

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smiling woman with smooth skin wearing a fluffy winter hat

Be Careful With Botox Parties

Although the procedure can potentially do wonders, it’s just as important to ensure that you’re having it done by someone who is licensed and has been trained. According to this article, one Botox party ended up with several people contracting hepatitis C, an infectious disease that can damage the liver. Another example tells of a scenario …

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inspection of a woman's acne scars around the jaw

PRP Therapy May Help With Acne Scars

The study involved more than seven trials and nearly 240 participants. Among these participants, some of them had their entire face while others had only half of their face evaluated. Among the participants that received the one-two punch of PRP plus microneedling, atrophic scar severity showed better results regardless of whether they used they had …

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closeup of a woman's brown eyes and surrounding fresh healthy skin

Woman Loves Her “Game Changing” Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers may help with improving the appearance of nasolabial folds, saggy cheeks, chin wrinkles or other cosmetic issues. A recent Yahoo post tells the story of a woman who wanted to do something about the “puffy” bags below her eyes which did not bother her until she noticed some “deep AF” wrinkles that extended …

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woman smiling after a successful botox treatment

Botox May Help With Bruxism

According to a post in Town & Country, a solution to bruxism may be botox. The masseter muscle runs from the rear area of a person’s cheek to a bone in the lower jaw. It plays a vital role in helping a person chew solid food. When botox is injected into this muscle, the botox …

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woman wheeling her suitcase at the airport

Find Your Relief from Sudden Hot Flashes

Regardless of when they may occur, hot flashes are always unpleasant but they can be especially irksome at night. Disrupted sleep due to hot flashes can negatively affect your mood, you’ll feel an increased sense of tiredness, and you may find it difficult to concentrate the next day. As a symptom of perimenopause, hot flashes …

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man smiling and looking at skin in the mirror

The Rise of “Brotox”

Smiling can do wonders for the body and mind, but those smile lines may also result in fine lines and wrinkles that become more pronounced as you age. With Botox (or Brotox if you prefer), these moderate to severe lines such as creases in the forehead or frown lines can be reduced, along with those …

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woman smiling after IV therapy

Rejuvenate the Body From the Inside out With IV Therapy

For one, IV therapy may help with physical and emotional wellness. By keeping the body well-balanced, there are fewer chances of anxiety, it’s easier to fight the effects of fatigue, the immune system remains in good shape, and cognitive function is sharper. Furthermore, if you maintain an active lifestyle, IV therapy can boost recovery by …

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two ladies sitting in a hammock by a river

Hormone Therapy May Reduce Muscle Loss

The study evaluated over 4,000 women post-menopause and focused on the length of hormone therapy use and how it affected muscle mass as well as sarcopenia. Indeed, the research conclusion showed that the use of hormone therapy for a prolonged period may lead to greater muscle mass and less of the prevalence of sarcopenia. If …

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