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Hormone Therapy for Men

Although the primary aim of this form of therapy is to improve or preserve the best possible quality of life, the therapy may help people prevent major diseases, as well as help them lose weight. Apart from a substantial reduction in the circumference of the waist, the therapy may also lead to an increase in the composition of the body and a decrease in the index of body mass.

Testosterone replacement therapy has other possible benefits. These include strengthening bones, raising libido, reducing the risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease and elevating serotonin levels. If the levels of testosterone increase, there could be less chance of osteoporosis, with frail and fragile bones. The levels of testosterone can also help to improve libido and to remedy erectile dysfunction. It has been shown in a placebo-controlled and randomized trial that testosterone can help improve mood. It may also help with irritability and fatigue.

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