PDO Thread Lifting in Miami

The entire procedure lasts roughly an hour and leaves patients with younger, firmer, looking skin. During the procedure, special surgical-grade threads are injected into the skin using fine needles. 


The thread, which is made of polydioxanone, lifts the skin tissue and helps improve texture on the skin. The threads also boost collagen production, helping your skin to continue to rejuvenate itself in the weeks after the procedure. Your body then absorbs the thread - a material used in medical sutures for over 35 years - while it dissolves, naturally eliminating it. 


Results typically last six to nine months. PDO can be used in many areas of the face and other parts of the body, including: 



This procedure helps firm sagging skin without any side effects that come from invasive surgeries. Plus, patients experience little to no downtown following PDO thread lifting. 


If you are interested in scheduling a PDO thread lifting appointment with family medicine in Miami, visit us online or call us at 786.701.5750 to schedule a consultation. 


We also offer platelet rich plasma therapy in Miami, a procedure that helps heal and repair the skin, body, and hair by stimulating growth and healing of damaged tissues, and the PRP solution has powerful proteins and growth factors that improve the function of your cells, leaving you with a more vibrant appearance. 



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