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Woman laying down with eyes closed, a close up of her face. A hand wearing a block glove holds her skin in place, with the other hand administering microneedling treatment.

Microneedling with PRP for Anti-Aging

In the quest for a youthful complexion, innovative skincare treatments like microneedling and Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy have emerged as frontrunners. Individually, each offers benefits that can turn back the clock on aging skin; however, when combined, they create a powerhouse duo capable of delivering even more profound anti-aging results. This blog post delves into …

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Dermaplaning treatment on a woman's face. Scalpel is being used on her cheek area, her eyes are closed and she looks relaxed.

How Often Should You Dermaplane?

Dermaplaning has emerged as a sought-after skincare technique in the medical spa world for those aiming to achieve a radiant, smooth complexion. This gentle exfoliating treatment removes dead skin cells and peach fuzz, revealing the fresh layer of skin beneath. Understanding how often you should dermaplane is crucial to maintaining its benefits while ensuring skin …

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A woman's face (dark hair, smiling), close up. She is outdoors, and the sun is slightly reflecting off her forehead.

Sun-Damaged Skin Treatment

Sun-damaged skin treatment is essential for those looking to restore their complexion’s health and vitality after prolonged exposure to harmful UV rays. This process not only addresses visible concerns like hyperpigmentation and premature aging but also plays a crucial role in preventing further damage.  Table of Contents Signs and Symptoms of Sun Damage Recognizing the …

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