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Chemical Peel Downtime – What You Can Expect and What to Do

Chemical Peel Downtime – What You Can Expect and What to Do

A chemical peel is a non-invasive cosmetic treatment that removes the upper layer of dead and damaged skin cells from the applied area. After the treatment, you will look younger, with smooth and radiant skin. But what is the chemical peel downtime, and how long must you wait until you see the results? Also, what are the dos and don’ts for this period?

After a peel, you will not see the results immediately. This is a deep exfoliation procedure, and it is nothing like the facial masks you buy in stores. Of course, your doctor will explain to you what to expect after the treatment. We provide a brief overview below:

The First Day of Chemical Peel Down Time

You must not worry if you see your skin red after a peel. This is a natural reaction to the exfoliation and it will go away in about 24 hours. To soothe your skin, apply moisturizer generously.

However, you should avoid sun exposure and makeup products. This is true for the entire duration of the chemical peel downtime, as these will interfere with the process and leave you with less-than-optimal results.

Between the Second and the Sixth Day of Chemical Peel Down Time

Your skin starts to heal during this period, and you will see it as dry and flaky. However, do not try to peel the flakes, as they are part of the healing process. 

Due to the fact that your face will have an altered and dry look after a peel, you should stay at home. Plan your peel to coincide with a period when you can take time off work.

Between the Seventh and the Fourteenth Day of Chemical Peel Down Time

In about 10-14 days, your skin should heal completely, and you will be able to show the world a younger and smoother face. 

The Most Important Precautions During Downtime

We already told you about avoiding exposure to the sun and applying makeup. Yet, there are several other things you must avoid during downtime. These are:

1. Exposure to Heat

Excessive heat of any kind is not good for your skin after a chemical peel. Heat stimulates sweating, and you must avoid this during the healing process.

2. Strenuous Exercise

Just like heat, exercising makes you sweat a lot. We know you want to stay fit, but taking a 2-week break from the gym will be necessary for optimal results. The gym will still be there when you’re ready, and you will look your best when you’re back.

2. Scratching Your Skin

The healing process will make your skin itchy. This is normal, but, no matter how much you want to, you must not scratch yourself. You can, however, apply a cold compress gently to find relief from itching.

It is very important to follow all your doctor’s instructions during the downtime following a chemical peel. This is crucial for the success of the procedure. Do you still have questions? Learn more here!