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How Long Do Anti-Aging Injections Last? Find Out What Influences the Duration

How Long Do Anti-Aging Injections Last? Find Out What Influences the Duration

Anti-aging injections are an injectable cosmetic treatment to smooth wrinkles. The product contains a weak concentration of botulinum toxin, which weakens or blocks the nerves. However, this effect is temporary, and your body will eventually eliminate the product. So how long do anti-aging injections last, and can you do anything to prolong their effects?

The Average Duration of Anti-Aging Injection Effects

In our experience, anti-aging injections last for around four months. However, this is an average number. Some patients come back for a new treatment after three months, while others need the injections only twice per year. 

This may not seem like a significant difference, but you would obviously still want to make your anti-aging injection treatments last longer. The question is: what can you do if anything? Let’s find out!

Key Factors That Influence How Long Anti-Aging Injections Last

Over the years since anti-aging injections became FDA-approved, healthcare providers have learned a lot about them. Most importantly, they figured out why some patients need new courses of treatment less frequently than others.

When the question pertaining to the duration of anti-aging injections is posed, these are some factors influencing the answer:

1. Your Metabolism

Some people’s bodies work harder to eliminate anti-aging injections from the system. Other people have a slower metabolism, which allows the product to stay active for a longer period of time. And while you may be able to manipulate your metabolism to a degree, it is no easy feat, so it makes sense to look at other factors to prolong the effects of your treatment.

2. The Frequency of Your Exercise

People who work out a lot tend to eliminate anti-aging injections rather fast, as intense physical activity has a role in the wearing off of the effects of anti-aging injections. However, we are referring to people who are doing cardio at least 5 times a week.

Thus, this is a factor that you can control, and choosing less strenuous physical activities will maintain the effects for longer.

3. Your Facial Expressions

Some people learn to control their facial expressions after they start using anti-aging injections. Thus, their muscles do not contract a lot towards the end of the effects of the injections, thus making the treatments last longer. 

Thus, the duration of the effects of anti-aging injections may be partially under your control. However, you should not make a constant effort to keep your face neutral, as that could end up affecting you in other ways (smiling is healthy). You can always come back for another treatment.

4. The Skill and Accuracy of the Doctor

Another factor that determines how long anti-aging injections last depends on where the doctor injects them. This substance works only at the site of the injection, and it does not spread to surrounding nerves and muscles. Thus, the results and the duration of the treatments depend on finding a skilled doctor who can administer the injections in a precise manner.

5. The Handling of Anti-Aging Injections

Anti-aging injections can lose their qualities if exposed to light and heat. Also, a doctor must know to handle them with care and avoid agitating the vials. These are key factors determining how long the treatment will last. At PMN Health & Wellness you will find the best Botox injections in Miami, offering you the smooth and wrinkle-free face you want!