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Everything You Need to Know: How Long Does A Lip Enhancement Take?

Everything You Need to Know: How Long Does A Lip Enhancement Take?

Lip enhancers are a minimally invasive cosmetic procedure. A healthcare provider injects a substance (usually hyaluronic acid, or a similar substance) into your lips, thus giving you a fuller look and getting rid of vertical lines and signs of aging. But how long does lip enhancement take? 

This is not a walk-in and out process. Despite their minimally invasive nature, lip enhancers require precautions. Thus, an experienced doctor will check and ensure that you are eligible for this procedure. For example, a licensed wellness center only uses FDA-approved lip fillers, and the FDA issued the approval of use only starting with the age of 21.

The Initial Appointment: What You Can Expect

The healthcare provider must make sure that the procedure is 100% safe for you. Also, they want to make sure that you have realistic expectations. This procedure can redefine the look of your lips, both adding volume and smoothing lines. But these modifications will still be unique to you, and you will most likely not get the exact lips of your favorite celebrity. 

During the first appointment, the doctor will:

  • Ask about any pre-existing medical conditions
  • Ask about allergies to benzocaine, lidocaine, and tetracaine (the topical anesthetic formula)
  • Analyze and measure the shape of your face and lips.

During the initial appointment, the doctor will also take photos of your face and lips for the medical record. In order to do so accurately, the doctor will instruct you to remove all makeup and keep a neutral expression.

The Big Day: The Procedure

Finally, you are ready to receive the injections. But what does the procedure involve? Here is what you can expect.

Before the Procedure

The doctor will apply a topical anesthetic to your lips. If you are allergic to any of the substances (see above) you will receive a nerve block injection to your lips. In both cases, your lips become numb in about 15-30 minutes.

During the Procedure

When you think of injections, you may think of something similar to the flu shot. But lip enhancement is a very precise procedure, requiring a heightened level of attentiveness.

The doctor will use tiny needles to inject the substance into some or all of the parts of your lips, including:

  • The edge of your lips
  • The corners of your mouth
  • The curve in the center of your lip.

Thus, the procedure can last between 30 minutes and 2 hours.

After the Procedure

The doctor will monitor you for about 15 minutes. During this period, they will massage your lips to spread the fillers evenly. You will also receive an ice pack for the pain and swelling. Once the doctor is satisfied that you are not experiencing any side effects, you can go home.Learn more about the benefits of lip enhancers and book an initial appointment today!