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Are Before and After Photos of Lip Enhancers Real and Reliable?

Are Before and After Photos of Lip Enhancers Real and Reliable?

When you start looking for a doctor to give you lip enhancers, what should you be looking for? First of all, you want a center relatively close to you, as you may need to go back for a follow-up checkup. Furthermore, since lip enhancers are not permanent, you will want to restore the plump look of your lips, and won’t want to have to venture too far to get the procedure redone. 

You also will want an idea of what your results might look like after the procedure. And what better way to imagine the result than looking at before and after photos? 

But can you really trust these photos? We live in the era of Photoshop, filters, and AI-created images. What you see in photos may have little to do with real life. This is not an issue when you browse Instagram out of curiosity, because those results are not yours, but it becomes a big deal when you want to have the procedure done yourself. 

Simple Ways to Determine if Before and After Photos of Lip Enhancers Are Fake

At PMN Health & Wellness, all the photos in our before and after gallery are 100% real and genuine. How can you trust us? First of all, our reputation is at stake. Secondly, you will be able to be a good judge of the before and after images after you read this article. 

So, how can you spot artificially enhanced photos? Pay attention to the following:


Colors play a huge role in the way we interpret an image. Lighter skin tones appear more youthful, while darker tones added to a photo give the impression of age and unhappiness. If you see different skin tones in before and after images, they are probably not real.


While someone can change the color saturation in photos by editing, with light things are simpler. You simply put the subject under bright light, or in shade. Any difference in lighting in before & after images is a red flag.


Genuine before and after photos show the person in the same position. This gives the viewer an honest chance to judge the results. Changing the angle of the photo can get very different results.

You can test this with two selfies. Take one photo holding the phone camera above your head while looking up. Next, take a second photo with the phone camera in your lap, looking down. The differences will be pretty apparent, and the implementation of this trick in a before and after photo is a clear warning sign.


Finally, people in before and after photos showing the effects of lip enhancers should not wear makeup. You can buy a lip gloss that gives the illusion of fuller lips, and you can define your lips with a lip pencil in a darker shade. All these products trick the eye. 

When it comes to lip enhancers, you want to see the naked truth. And this is what you get in our before and after gallery, allowing you to judge the results in a simple, honest manner.