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“Zoom Face” Has People Exploring Botox

This has led some people to take a closer look at what one person calls their “Zoom face”. As people can see themselves on camera and how they look, not everyone is pleased with the results. Hence, some people are seeking solutions to look better on camera, and one of those solutions that people are turning to is Botox.

Botox is considered a quick fix for what’s called “fine line fatigue”. It is capable of addressing common facial features like laugh lines, chin dimples, crow’s feet, and forehead lines which some may not have noticed as much until they started paying closer attention to themselves on video. According to a New York Post article, many of the patients are people that are just beginning to hit their forties.

If you’re feeling self-conscious due to “Zoom face” or your facial appearance in general, you may wish to look into the effects of Botox. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

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