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30% Off Potenza Microneedling at PMN Health and Wellness This September

While individual results vary, the procedure typically lasts anywhere from 25 to 35 minutes and only has a five-day recovery period, if any. Plus, it is practically painless!

As your skin ages, it loses its elasticity, causing drooping, wrinkles, and even blemishes. Potenza radiofrequency microneedling can address not only the skin in your face but that of your entire body. It is a cost-effective way to minimize the signs of aging while having a short recovery time.

It is flexible and quick, using radiofrequency energy and ultrafine needles to penetrate the top layer of skin. This kickstarts the skin’s natural healing process, regrowing elastin and collagen. Overall, it is more effective than just microneedling procedures, allowing the elastic and collagen to build up for six weeks following the procedure.

During the initial consultation, Dr. Martinez-Noda, family medicine in Miami, will discuss the areas of concern you would like to address and create a customized treatment option. It is possible that you may need more than one Potenza treatment session. Once you have agreed on a treatment plan, your skin will get prepped for the procedure. 

Potenza’s ultra-fine needles, combined with radiofrequency energy, stimulate the skin and triggers the repair process. Production of protein in the skin begins faster, leaving your skin looking healthy and firm. Most patients see results after 12 weeks following their last Potenza treatment. 

Healthier-looking skin is just a phone call away! Call PMN Health and Wellness to book your appointment. You can also call for platelet rich therapy in Miami treatments to help you feel better too.