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A Brief History of Medical Spas

The blaze of medical technology in the late twentieth century made way to help those wishing to get cosmetic procedures avoid the time, cost, and risks that come with surgery. Medical spas have made a name for themselves within the beauty industry and have helped boost the demand and love for estheticians and cosmetologists.

The first medical spa appeared in the 1990s, combining spa treatments with non-invasive medical procedures. This was right after cosmetic lasers were approved by the FDA. Early medical spa treatments weren’t as advanced as they are today. Treatments took much longer and weren’t nearly as effective – for example, the cosmetic lasers were much more intense, putting patients at risk for epidermal burning and required a much longer recovery period. Procedures also weren’t very cost-effective, making them exclusive and unattainable to much of the population. 

Today, cosmetic procedures are much safer, work better, and are far more cost-effective. Lasers are sleeker and smaller and produce virtually no burns and negative side effects. You can see the difference primarily in procedures like laser hair removal, a survival PMN Health and Wellness, family medicine Miami, provides. Professionals are also required to undergo more intensive education that includes hands-on training and mentorship from experienced professionals. The boom in education for estheticians and cosmetologists can be considered the main attribute of medical spa technology becoming safer and of much better quality. 

As the industry continues to advance, we’re excited to see how it will grow and produce amazing opportunities for our clients to look and feel great about themselves. If you are interested in medical spa procedures such as laser hair removal and platelet rich plasma therapy Miami, visit us online. We can’t wait to see you!