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All About Hot Flashes

Although these symptoms have been experienced on and off for years, some respondents said they had been experiencing the symptoms for decades or longer.

Hot flashes may not be life-threatening, but few would likely disagree about their unpleasantness. Near the upper body, they generally entail a sudden sense of heat that extends into the arms, neck, and face and may result in a “flushed” appearance. This flash may last for seconds or even minutes. The length of hot flashes like this varies wildly. After the hot flash, the body may attempt to cool itself, which may lead to symptoms like shivering or a cold feeling.

As they induce changes in the dilation of the blood flow, unsteady estrogen levels are a potential factor that results in hot flashes. The arrival of menopause will also induce them, and symptoms such as discomfort and aches, vaginal dryness, and insomnia are also apparent.

The body can lack the proper amounts of estrogen when hot flashes appear to occur too frequently. Hormone replacement therapy can be a means to ease the symptoms, and with that, we will be delighted to assist you.

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