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Can You Get Botox if You Had the Covid-19 Vaccine?

The pandemic saw many people returning to a focus on self-care and beauty enhancements, and Botox was no stranger. If you have recently had Botox and the vaccine or are thinking about getting either, you may be wondering how will they affect each other.

There is no official guideline stating that you should avoid Botox after the COVID-19 vaccine. From what we know up until this point in time, it is safe to have both. If you want to play it safe, you can wait until the vaccine has had time to take full effect before getting your next round of Botox. It typically takes two weeks from your last shot before it takes full effect, whether you have had the Pfizer or Moderna vaccines. 

Again, there is no evidence that supports either is harmful to each other. If you have any concerns, you should consult with your healthcare provider before getting either. 

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