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Chemical Peel FAQs

They are safe and effective, utilizing mild acids to break through the top layer of skin. There are three types; superficial, medium, and deep peels. Chemical peels include glycolic, salicylic, and beta hydroxy acids with the help of herbal elements to treat your skin. PMN Health and Wellness, family medicine Miami, is happy to answer your most asked questions about chemical facial peels!

  • What aftercare is needed? All levels of chemical peels need some type of at-home post-care but will differ based on the unique needs of your skin. You’ll need to keep your skin hydrated with moisturizer and avoid any tanning beds and excessive sun exposure.
  • Who can get chemical peels? Anyone can receive a chemical peel, but which kind you get will depend on your skin tone. 
  • Are there side effects associated with it? Chemical peels usually don’t produce any side effects, and if they do, they are usually very mild. Healing time can take anywhere from one to 21 days, so make sure you follow the instructions of your technician and check your skin daily for any scarring, redness, burning, itching, or swelling. Otherwise, you could risk skin discoloration. 
  • How long will the results last? It depends on your skin type and what concerns you wish to target with your treatment. Lighter peels typically last from two to six months, but some deeper peels can last for years. 

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