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Common Mistakes to Avoid After Botox

As a highly popular cosmetic treatment, Botox can do wonders in keeping the skin looking supple with fewer wrinkles, and it may even assist with treating migraines. As with any procedure, however, it’s important to closely follow your doctor’s orders to ensure optimum results. Let’s briefly explore a few common mistakes you should try and avoid.

Rubbing and massaging the skin. It’s natural to want to touch the area where you received the Botox injection to experience the difference. However, you should avoid the urge to do so for about four hours following the procedure. By touching the skin, you may inadvertently cause the Botox to spread to spots where you’d rather not have it. On that note, lying down, bending over, or performing strenuous exercise should also be avoided.

Exposing yourself to sunlight. We’re in the middle of summer where the temperatures are hot and the sun’s ultraviolet rays are at their brightest. Although injections are tiny, sunlight can lead to pigmentation in the spots where the Botox was injected. In other words, don’t go sunbathing immediately after you’ve had a procedure performed.

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