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Debunking Common Lip Augmentation Myths

Many people get lips fillers to enhance their lip’s natural shape, helping them feel more confident. Don’t believe every myth you hear. Lip augmentation is a completely safe procedure and, when done correctly, can result in a beautiful smile and lasting confidence. 

Myth #1: Lip augmentation makes your lips puffy and too large. 

When done correctly, lip fillers should enhance your natural shape and make them look larger. You shouldn’t be able to tell that you have them. If you see someone with uneven, puffy lips, chances are their produce was not done correctly, and they have well over one filler. 

Lip augmentation is done in increments, so if you want larger lips, you need to schedule multiple treatments. Filling too quickly causes the puffy and overly large look. 

Myth #2: Lip augmentation is permanent.

If you’re hesitant to get lip fillers because they’ll last forever – don’t worry. Lip augmentation is easily able to be dissolved and can be reversed. Typically, the process takes a week but the can be gone in as little as 2-3 days. Lip augmentation is not going to permanently alter your image. 

Myth #3: No consultation is needed. 

A consultation pre-procedure is highly recommended. There, you will discuss your concerns, goals and a professional can guide you on the best plan of action including how often you need injections and what type of filler to use. Lip augmentation Miami specialists can help you with any lingering questions or concerns you have before getting fillers, making you feel comfortable and more confident with results.

Myth #4: No post-care is needed.

Any medical procedure will require some type of post-care. With lip augmentation, there is always a chance for slight swelling and/or bruising. This is the case with any injection treatments. Bringing post-care concerns up in your consultation will help you understand the best method to take care of your new smile, but any questions should go to family medicine Miami experts to ensure you’re properly caring for yourself.