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Don’t Believe the Botox Myths

A common misconception about Botox is that it results in a “frozen” look where a person loses their ability to create facial expressions. This is not true. Provided you’re having the injections done by a trained doctor at a reputable place, Botox will simply enhance your face while keeping its natural appearance, facial expressions included.

Another common belief is that Botox is solely to address wrinkles which is also untrue. While wrinkles may be the most popular reason to get Botox, the treatment is also used frequently for those seeking relief from the pain of migraines. By softening the muscles near the temples, it is possible to find some relief. Botox is also used to deal with excessive sweating below the armpits.

Contrary to what some may believe, Botox doesn’t worsen muscles or lines in the face. Because the effects are temporary, the face will return to its former state as the Botox is absorbed into the body.

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