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Going on a Vacation? Don’t Forget to Look After Your Skin

Vacations are about disconnecting from daily life and experiencing new things. When it comes to your skin, though, there are four easy things to remember in order to keep your skin healthy and radiant.

Protect Your Skin from Harmful Rays

Skin cancer, premature aging, wrinkling, dryness and the development of age spots are all known to be caused by ultraviolet light. It is crucial for the health of your skin to apply sunscreen moisturizer with an SPF of at least 30.


Your skin must be hydrated properly to avoid drying out and becoming more prone to wrinkling, creasing and scaliness. Dry skin is more susceptible to damage as well as the impacts of the sun and wind. 

Keep Yourself Hydrated

No matter how many moisturizers you use, dehydration can cause your skin to become dry. Your skin is prone to premature aging and damage if you do not drink enough liquids throughout the day to keep your entire body adequately hydrated. Although not as fun, we recommend staying hydrated with water. 

Cleansing on a Daily Basis

Before cleansing your face, wash your hands to avoid accidentally transferring oils and bacteria to your skin’s pores. Apply face cleanser in a circular motion with mild pressure after rinsing the skin with lukewarm water. 

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