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IV Infusions That Can Help You

Intravenous or IV infusions are among the newest advancements in the health market today. As Very Well Health mentions, this procedure is also known as infusion therapy. If you’ve ever been hooked up to an IV machine in a hospital or private health facility, you’d know what an IV is. However, it’s no longer just a method for delivering life-saving drugs to patients. Now, it can help you get certain vital nutrients and salts directly into your bloodstream. PMN Health and Wellness Center offers IV infusion on-demand across the Miami area. But how do IV infusions work?

IV Infusions and Delivery Methods

Infusion therapy works by injecting a cocktail directly into the body through a needle or catheter. In medical cases, it’s used when a patient is in a situation where they can no longer receive oral medication. A handful of typical prescription medications that are delivered with infusion therapy include parental nutrition, painkillers, chemotherapy, antiviral, antifungal, and antibiotic pharmaceuticals. However, in recent years, many medical professionals have found IV infusion therapy to help patients who wish to have nutrients that are faster and better absorbed by the body or who have become dehydrated during the day. 

Modern Cocktails

As mentioned before, IV delivery has been used to help individuals who may become dehydrated during the day. Delivering a dehydration cocktail to the body opens the possibility of crafting unique cocktails that can be used intravenously. Over time, the professionals at PMN Health and Wellness Center have come up with their own special infusions that go well with IV delivery. These can help you regain energy, help improve your mental acuity, or even boost your immunity to common pathogens. These cocktails have been tested extensively to ensure they are safe for our clients. They are also uniquely balanced, and our formulas are going through constant improvement.

Why Choose an IV Delivery?

Needles can be scary for some people, and they would like to avoid using them. However, IV delivery is the most efficient way to get an infusion into your body. Sure, you could take a pill, but then you’d have to wait for your body’s uptake system to get it into your bloodstream. IV delivery puts it there immediately so it can start working the minute it hits your body. There’s no more efficient method of getting your body what it needs than this. What’s more, it’s completely safe, and you can get it done while performing other tasks (that don’t require you to move around). For a busy professional, it’s the best of all worlds.