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Keep Your Skin in Great Shape During the Holidays

True, sugar and alcohol play a part in breakouts and dull or tired-looking skin, but there are a few ways you can combat these skin issues during the holidays. Family medicine Miami has collected some of the most useful ways to do just that!

The first rule of keeping the skin beautiful during the holidays – don’t skip your skincare routine! It’s tempting since this season is busy. There are plenty of opportunities to be tempted to opt-out of washing your face, especially when you are coming home later than usual from holiday parties and gift exchanges. One of the worst things you can do for your skin is to skip the cleansing. 

During the day, bacteria builds up on the skin’s surface, and if you live in a big city like Miami, pollution can add to that. If you wear makeup, leaving it on can seep into the pores and cause more bacteria buildup, leading to breakouts. Fight the temptation and grab that face wash!

Make sure you incorporate plenty of antioxidants into your diet. These can help support collagen production in the skin, helping it appear more radiant and vibrant. Eat foods rich in vitamin C like fruit and bell peppers. 

If you feel like a self-care day is in store, try a facial. A professional facial can work on the skin’s appearance much more efficiently and effectively than at-home treatments. Get in touch with us about how to book yours!

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