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Lip Augmentation Myths to Stop Believing Right Now

Lip fillers are a safe way to amplify your smile, but unfortunately, there have been some procedures where physicians did not take the time and care to do it the right way, resulting in a circulation of myths. For some, these botched jobs have caused them to view lip fillers as a whole under that impersonation. 

The number of lip injections women have received has increased nearly 50% in the last two decades, and over 27,000 lip procedures were done in the previous year alone. Lip augmentation is the fastest-growing facial procedure in the United States and you can be sure it is safe with achievable results when you get them done with PMN Health and Wellness, family medicine Miami

However, there are some myths still circulating, causing unnecessary stigmas with lip augmentation. 

  • It will stretch out my lips or deflate them. There is no evidence to support the idea that lip injections stretch out or deflate your lips. Lip injection contains hyaluronic acid, so collagen synthesis is increased in the area of the injection, keeping them full.
  • It doesn’t last long enough to be worthwhile. Hyaluronic acid fillers can last upwards of 18 months. The amount of time your fillers last will depend on the body synthesis of acid, but the minimum time frame is six months. 
  • You’ll have scars after getting them. Injections are administered with sterile, single-use needles, and therefore have no cause for scarring. 
  • They look unnatural. If done correctly, lip augmentation will end up looking more natural. Fillers shouldn’t be a giant leap in size but are instead intended for lips to become fuller over time. 

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