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Saturday Specials on April 24

Specials for Social Saturday include laser hair removal services, including a $399 Bikini Laser Treatment (originally $1500!)

Prepping for your laser hair treatment ahead of time is easy and will help you have a great experience! Some general guidelines to follow are:

  • Make sure your skin is fresh and clean and free of lotions, oils, creams, or any kinds of fragrances.
  • The treatment area should be completely shaved before your laser hair treatment. Allow 24 hours in between shaving and your treatment to avoid any irritation. Don’t wax, tweeze, or use any chemical hair removal products before coming in. Remember, the laser targets the root of the hair, so it must present when getting laser hair removal. 
  • Avoid sun exposure and UV tanning beds, and make sure to use an SPF of 30 or higher if you’re outside to avoid any irritation.
  • Stay away from products that cause photosensitivity. These include products with hydroxy acid, salicylic acid, retinol, and benzoyl peroxide. This is especially important for those getting facial laser hair removal as these elements are in many face washes and acne prevention products. 

We know you want to see flawless results, and we do too! Always follow instructions given by your laser technician.

We can’t wait to see you there!

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