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At a certain point in life, many of us become eager to revitalize our skin. That can mean lessening signs of aging, wrinkles, and blemishes or restoring youth to your skin. Peter A. Martinez-Noda, DO, is an expert osteopathic physician in Miami, Florida, who specializes in anti-aging treatments. He offers the Potenza™ radiofrequency microneedling treatment by Cynosure® as an effective and inexpensive solution for potenza. To book your appointment, call or schedule online today.

Potenza Q & A


Am I a candidate for potenza? 

Your skin loses elasticity with age. It can start to droop, form wrinkles, or get blemishes. You may notice this with the skin on your face as well as other parts of your body. 


Potenza radiofrequency microneedling treatment can address a wide range of skin issues on both your face and body. This includes scarring, stretch marks, and uneven skin texture or tone. If you’re looking for a cost-effective option with a shorter recovery time than laser treatments, Potenza may be the treatment for you. 


During an evaluation with Dr. Martinez-Noda, you’ll discuss specific areas of your skin you’d like to focus on and he’ll create a tailored treatment plan for you. Potenza can be used on any skin type, area of your body, and at any time of year.

What is potenza? 

The Potenza microneedling procedure is a flexible and quick way to restore your skin’s vibrant appearance. Potenza uses the innovative technology of radiofrequency energy and ultrafine needles to enter the top layer of your skin. This jumpstarts your body’s natural healing process, where it regrows elastin and collagen. 


This is more effective than microneedling alone, as it allows for the elastin and collagen to build up in your skin 4-6 weeks after the procedure. 


Because of the advanced structure of the Potenza device, Dr. Martinez-Noda can also target a large area of your skin’s tissue. He can specifically locate and improve blemishes in just one session. 

What happens during a potenza treatment?


First, Dr. Martinez-Noda discusses the areas of your skin you want to revitalize. He’s always clear on all of the treatment procedures and achieving your long-term aesthetic goals. You may need one or more Potenza treatment sessions. After you’ve agreed on a treatment plan, he prepares your skin for the procedure. 


Potenza’s ultrafine needles and radiofrequency energy stimulate the outer layers of your skin. This triggers your skin’s repair process and the production of useful proteins that keep your skin looking firm and healthy. 


Most treatments take an hour or less, depending on your needs. Patients typically see the best results 12 weeks after their last Potenza treatment.


To begin your journey to more youthful skin with, call Dr. Martinez-Noda or book an appointment online today.