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Peter Martinez-Noda, D.O.

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The weight-loss journey is rarely easy, and it’s frustrating when diet and exercise changes don’t work. With the help of Peter A. Martinez-Noda, DO, patients in Miami can achieve their ideal bodies using weight management therapy. With medical supervision and a unique dietary and lifestyle plan, it’s possible to finally lose the weight and feel comfortable in your skin once again.

Weight Management Therapy

What is weight management therapy?

Many people try to lose weight with diet or exercise programs, only to keep failing and regaining the weight. If that’s you, weight management therapy supervised by a physician might be the best option.

Dr. Martinez-Noda specializes in weight management therapy for adults of all ages. He helps patients lose unwanted body fat, especially in problem areas around the hips, arms, lower abdomen, and thighs. His programs avoid all possible negative side effects, such as headaches, fatigue, hunger, and mood swings.

Each program is customized to help you achieve your weight loss goals safely and effectively. Dr. Martinez-Noda’s approach has shown fantastic results for both men and women. Moreover, he understands the challenges of keeping the weight off, so Dr. Martinez-Noda will schedule follow-up appointments with you to make sure that your weight goals are being maintained. 

How does weight management therapy work?

Once the lab results are ready, a staff member contacts you to schedule an appointment to review your results. That's when the doctor creates a unique program tailored to your needs.

The weight loss program may include a variety of different approaches, including:

  • A diet regimen suited to your body’s unique physiology and your weight loss goals
  • Dietary supplements to help assist your weight loss
  • A detox protocol, if necessary
  • Injection enhancements, such as B12 or MIC shots

You’ll have weekly office visits to check in with the doctor and ensure you’re on track.

What are the benefits of weight management therapy?

Weight management therapy under the supervision of a doctor ensures you have a program that won’t fail. With the right dietary program, supplements, and support, it’s easy to shed unwanted pounds and keep the weight off for good.

Dr. Martinez-Noda has helped hundreds of patients achieve their ideal weight, and he can help you, too. Schedule your consultation online today.