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A Closer Look at “Male Menopause”

But what about the so-called “male menopause”? What is this all about?

Females and males experience normal hormonal shifts and variations as they mature. The essence of those changes, however, is varied. Menopause happens rather suddenly, resulting in a large decline in estrogen and progesterone production for women. Perimenopause is frequently followed by this, a transformation phase characterized by hormonal waves that stick around for years. The end result is an end to a woman’s ability to reproduce.

There’s usually no abrupt decrease in sex hormones for men, though. Therefore, testosterone output usually starts slowing down when you reach your thirties and sometimes becomes especially discernible after age forty. Finally, testosterone levels fall so low in some people that they cause symptoms that tend to be approximately similar to menopause. It is often referred to as late-onset hypogonadism or age-related androgen deficiency, which is why it often goes by the name of andropause.

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