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Famous Names That Love Botox

While some would prefer to age completely naturally, there is nothing wrong with wanting to retain a youthful look provided you’re getting the cosmetic procedures done in a professional and safe environment.

Today, we’ll be highlighting a few famous names that have stated their appreciation in some degree to the power of Botox, beginning with actress and talk show host Kelly Ripa. Ripa has stated that part of her beauty routine involved the use of Botox and “she likes the way she looks”. Businesswoman and talk show host Sharon Osbourne has also made Botox part of her routine.

Supermodel Cindy Crawford has stated that her cosmetic surgeon has assisted with her good looks and restoring elasticity which, among other things has involved Botox. Speaking of modeling, singer, actress, and one-time Miss America has used Botox “sparingly” and uses it for skin tightening.

Botox isn’t just limited to women, either. Entrepreneur, record executive, and former American Idol judge Simon Cowell believes that his television has been extended thanks to Botox.

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