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Do Skin Treatments Really Make You Look Younger?

In recent years, many people have come out with skin treatment rejuvenation techniques that claim to make your skin look younger. Some of them seem to work wonders, yet others can lead to a terrible outcome, leaving you looking older than you did prior to the treatment. Knowing which skin rejuvenation technique would suit you best stems from understanding what these systems do. At PMN Health and Wellness Center, we provide clients with the Potenza system, allowing them to turn back the years of time. With a few treatments, clients see fewer wrinkles on their skin, which takes on a new, fresh sheen of youthfulness. But how does it work?

Rejuvenation Techniques in a Nutshell

Aging damages skin, and you will see it change its shape, form, and elasticity over time. And itt’s not just your body, either. When your face gets older, you’ll notice wrinkles recorded around your eyes, reflecting how many times your smile made it to that area. Some rejuvenation techniques use chemicals that help to smooth out the skin and peel away the offending layers. Other methods rely on microparticles that can rub away the outer layer of the skin. In both of these cases, they remove skin layers and search for the layers that have the least amount of blemishes.

These rejuvenation techniques work, for the most part, but they may cause problems in individuals with sensitive skin. It’s essential to remember that these techniques can cure certain afflictions with your skin. The American Society of Plastic Surgeons mentions that each individual is different, and a treatment may work well for one person but might not work as well for someone else. This may be due to the patient’s genetics or any number of other factors that impact their skin characteristics. 

How is Potenza Different?

Typical treatments only look at a single methodology when dealing with skin rejuvenation. With Potenza, there is a combination of treatment methodologies working in tandem with one another. Microneedling is coupled with collagen buildup, allowing a more natural rejuvenation process. Your body naturally produces elastin and collagen after abrasion and using microneedling, we take advantage of that healing process to renew your skin. Additionally, Potenza works over a wide area of the client’s body, allowing our technicians to cover more over a short period. We can find and eliminate blemishes on the skin in a single session, saving you a lot of time in return visits.