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Scar and Blemish Removal: Is It Possible?

Whether it’s a scar from surgery, a tattoo you regret, or a birthmark that you find awkward, you can get them removed at a professional skin care facility. Scar and blemish removal has advanced significantly since the old days. Today’s methods are so streamlined that there’s less of a need for a professional surgeon to perform the operation. A few blemish scar removal cases still need the expert hands of a doctor, but they are the exception. PMN Health and Wellness Center offers its clients the use of Icon, a revolutionary laser treatment that deals with body hair, improves complexions, and removes blemishes and scars on your body. But how do they usually remove the scars and marks from your body? Let’s take a look!

What is Laser Skin Resurfacing?

Lasers are interesting devices, and scientists have figured out how to use them to resurface your skin. Lasers cut away at the top layer of your skin, but because they’re so pinpoint accurate, there’s no need to worry about excessive scarring. Instead, they remove just that layer of skin and heat the layers below it. That heating process is essential because it helps your skin produce collagen. This collagen is crucial to the healing process and has the added benefit of making your skin heal in a natural way by smoothening your skin and making it more pliable.

Resurfacing is a great way to remove spots and blemishes because you can cut away at the top layers of the skin without harming the layers lower down. Unlike many other cosmetic surgeries, you don’t typically need to take much time to recover after going through laser resurfacing. However, depending on where you do it, you can run into a few side effects. The American Society of Plastic Surgeons notes that the response to laser surgery differs by individual. Your skin might become extraordinarily red and begin scabbing over. A little bit of peeling may also occur, although this is normal. During recovery, you will want to avoid areas that are known to be riddled with germs. This period shouldn’t be longer than ten (10) days after the treatment.

A Revolutionary Resurfacing System – Icon

PMN Health and Wellness Clinic offers our clients access to Icon for scar and blemish treatment. Icon is one of the most recent advancements in laser resurfacing, allowing for quick treatments with less recovery time than traditional methods. Not only is it helpful in removing scars and blemishes, but the FDA has also approved it for use with stretch marks.