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How Long Does Laser Hair Removal Last?

On certain parts of the body, laser removal may cause permanent or near-permanent removal. On the face, the results won’t be permanent, but it will take time for regrowth to occur. Even when hair regrows in the area, the thickness and length tend to be much more controlled than before removal. For some clients, the removal may last for up to two years. Other clients may have different experiences with their hair removal procedures.

The Stages of Hair Growth

Before you can appreciate how fast hair grows back after laser hair removal, you’ll need to understand the stages of hair growth. These are:

  • Anagen (Growing)
  • Catagen (Transition)
  • Telogen (Resting)
  • Exogen (Shedding)

Laser hair removal uses a laser to vaporize the hair and its roots and, as a result, only works on hair in the anagen phase. Because it only targets the growing follicles, it may take multiple spaced treatments to remove the hair from a location altogether.

Body Regrowth

If you go through the scheduled treatment, you will see regrowth, but with each treatment, there will be less and less of it. Eventually, you may have years in between regrowth on your body, and even if there is, it will be short.

Face Regrowth

Hair regrowth on your face will happen eventually, but it will also be much less pronounced. Some clients have seen no growth for as much as ten years, while others state that their removal lasted two years.

Can You Completely Eliminate Hair Growth?

Typically, hair removal is sold in sessions of four treatments, each scheduled to target a different growing season of the hair follicles. You may have to prepare for three of these four-treatment sessions over time for a near-permanent or permanent removal. Afterward, you may still need to touch up the treated areas, but the regrowth in those areas would be minimal.

Laser hair removal is still one of the best and least painful ways to perform hair removal. With continued treatment, you could potentially obliterate hair from parts of your body. Hormonal fluctuations may interrupt this permanent removal, but for the most part, it could get rid of your hair from your face or body almost permanently. If you’re interested in learning more about our laser hair removal procedure, check out our Laser Hair Removal page for more details or call us to schedule a visit.