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Sun and Laser Hair Removal

In some cases, the hair removal is even permanent. However, hair on the body plays a crucial role in protecting it against sun damage. Harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays from the sun can cause skin cancer or damage the cells in your skin. Sunburns usually happen because UV rays destroy the outer layer of your skin, causing it to peel off and cause a burning sensation. Since the sun can harm your skin, we advise our clients on caring for their bodies both before and after laser hair removal.

Sun Exposure Prior to Removal

Ideally, we advise our clients to avoid direct sunlight for up to two weeks before we start laser hair removal. If you’re planning to go outside the house, applying a sunscreen of no less than SPF30 should give your skin enough protection from the little sunshine you’ll run into. If you’re unfortunate enough to get sunburned in an area you’re planning to remove hair from, we’ll have to wait at least a week to ensure that the skin heals entirely before starting the procedure. Sunburned skin is far more sensitive and can lead to an uncomfortable feeling if you’re removing hair from it. To avoid delays with your procedure, try to avoid getting sunburns.

Dealing With the Sun After Hair Removal

After hair removal, your skin will be sensitive to sunlight, so you should try to avoid direct exposure for at least a week afterward. Not only are you at a higher risk of sunburn, but your skin may also react negatively to facing the direct sun, causing irritation. You should still apply sunscreen lotion before going outside since it will protect your skin.

Speeding Up Recovery

One of the best ways to speed up recovery after laser hair removal is to use aloe vera lotion on your skin. This lotion helps with inflammation and rehydrates your skin. It would help if you also continued drinking lots of water since water consumption will help your skin clarity and tone. If you’re using makeup, you may want to avoid using it for a week after the treatment to avoid irritating the skin.

These are typical issues you’ll encounter when doing laser hair removal, but the process is worth the inconvenience. With laser hair removal from PMN Health, you don’t have to worry about ever shaving the area for a long time, potentially never again! Contact us today to book your first appointment.